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The awakening :iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 1 2
The beginning of the end
Within the darkest pits of hell, at the furthest corners of the sixth circle of hell stood a figure unlike any other, it's crested, eyeless head stood on top of slim shoulders, but to the shoulders no arms were attached, no they hung there, floating in mid-air with the tips of the talons brushing the ground with each swinging motions brought on by a shrug, a shake or a twitch of the demon himself. Down the length of the tall, slim torso there were many runes and cuts evident, even cracks upon the tough chitin covering the demon from head to toe, and where the waist was supposed to begin  he seemed to have been bent in half, for even as his legs did grow out from the waistline, that was where the anomalies began.
Four pair of long, scrawny, chitinous legs were spread out, supporting the mass of the torso and the abdominal part on the back, shaped and covered in chitin like with any common household bug. Resting, and why not covering it up, on top of the abdomen laid a pair of
:iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 2 8
The Queen Bitch by Azrael-kun The Queen Bitch :iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 2 38
Chakra - The evaluation
It was a day like any other within the old feudal japan, the sun was up and shining brightly as a few clouds came to challenge it to shine brighter, only for them to be blown away by the fresh summer wind which caught onto a few dryer up leaves from last autumn and hurled them off to the treetops and beond, the wind carrying them for a long ways towards the heart of the forest, but before they could reach that place they were dropped down towards the lake below, mostly hidden behind trees and bushes of all kind and height, all doing a great job at keeping the lake secluded, the branches of the trees reaching over the lake,as if trying to cover for a naked part of the otherwise richly vegetated area.
The lake was wide however and its waters as clear as crystal and pure as a freshly fallen snow with a few narrow streams leading out and into the lake, keeping the water circulated and pure, acting like a heart, nurturing the forest with the countless streams that split off from those leavi
:iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 1 2
the Life of the Damned
I know you´re fading away into the darkness eternal,
  To the cold arms of fate you´ll be cast forever more....
Standing there amidst the shadows, to whom will you turn now......
  I wont be standing there to catch you this time....
For one who has been abandoned there is no salvation to offer,no sympathy or heart to share....
  So i ask now, what will you do as they come for you??
Those cold sensations of lonely years and mournful days?? will you hear the widow's cry?? or a virgins laugh??
  your fate is of your own doing....your prison nothing more than your own handiwork, can you escape it now that you lost the key......
Avoid of heart and consciousness you stand alone in the darkness left behind by your choice to turn your back to your past,
  Within the swirling pits of self-made hell you´re cries wont be heard, nor mocked.....only let echo for all of eternity
You´ve danced with the devil high atop the mounts of
:iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 1 2
The way i am
I hide away in the darkness of nightfall dim,
  Whisper within the stretching shadow of light so bright,
In the eternity our life is but a ripple on the surface of reality....
In the hollowness of shadows a single ray of light gives me hope,
  What i do or do not matters not,i´ve dwelled in the dark for far too long.
Never asking for a thing yet giving my all to those that asked me of it...
                 Is my prison my own doing??
I begged the night for a way out, an escape from the torment of a shielded life,
   Crying to the shadows i forsaked my heart to the darkness eternal, such a fool...
Why why why,must it be so hard to get what we need?are some doomed to solitude?
All alone in the world with burning eyes and a frozen heart beating within me...
  Abandoned hope and dreams, for why would i get that which i want and need?
An empty shell
:iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 3 53
Thy Fear Comes From Within
What am i so afraid to see ahead of me?
  Where does this emotion so cold and grim arisen from?
What do i got to do to rid myself of this feeling deep down in my heart?.
To see the suffering of my friends and loved ones
  To be helplessly on the side, behind an wall of glass
To forever know the failure i am as a friend....
From the deepest pits within my mind do these dark thoughts come from
  From within my heart they burn their way to my soul
Forever reminding me of the long forgoten aches and sorrows....
To see past my own lies could be my key???
  To better trust those around me, rather than taking it all???
To tell a friend what bothers rather than shoving it aside???
  Open up my heart once more for all to see??
Make myself voulnerable to be strong??
               Perhaps so it has to be....
My strength is my weakness....My Power is my poison.
:iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 2 29
Tree of the angels by Azrael-kun Tree of the angels :iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 3 30 WoWza by Azrael-kun WoWza :iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 0 8 Winter has come at long last by Azrael-kun Winter has come at long last :iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 5 38
Bound by Blood
Silvery eyes shone like two tiny moons against the equally mystifying background of silver silk that flowed out from the pale mans scalp like an river,each strand moving as if in by its own will, much like his cape...that long seemingly shapeless item that flowed even when no wind was near much like now, two lean yet strong arms tipped by long,graceful fingers which held nails like daggers each two inches past the fingertip itself and sharpened to perfection and due to their "natural"toughness, t took an diamond blade to cut them or even shape them in anyway thinkable for an human mind, but then again the tall,slender figure drawn as an silhouette against the light of the setting moon was no human and the figure laying on his arm....well one could say it probably was human not too long ago, only an wreck of one...chest torn open and the heart removed...held in the males hand which moved higher to the air to hold the dead cold heart out to see as an smirk came to dance on lips th
:iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 2 19
Within the darkness of the abyss i linger on,
  Avoid of feelings, all alone in the shadows of life
Rotting away with an crying heart i lay down in my grave
  Dug it with lies and deception, hate and lust...
Bringer of the Bloody moon, The shadow of death....
  Bringer of the Accursed rain, The screams of the dead...
Bringer of the Shredding winds, The mock of the living...
  Harvester of Death and Misery, The Eternal suffering....
Still alone within the shadows i linger on, screaming and crying for what i lost,
  Sitting alone needing,yerning and wanting to be touched once more,
To suffer so much i did the least....Abandoned my own heart...
Still beating for life it lost,
  Still aching for love it let escape,
Still mourning for all the joy that once was,
Pierced down by an thorn of hate...
  Cut to pieces by blades of lies...
Smashed by fists of rage...
:iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 2 32
Crying within these long cold shadows of midnight lore,
  Holding my heart in my own palms, pierced by lies.
Weeping for an lot emotion i swear never to fall again,
  Howling outloud these accursed word of affection,
Cursing my name time and time again wishing i had died,
  For an rotten oul is better off burning in hell!!!.
An eternity of agony will teach meto care again,
  An lifetime if sorrow will wipe away my tears atlast,
An deathless journey through the flaming hills will make me whole...
The dreams of an broken oul...The lore of an hattered heart,
  The lullaby for the weak....The weat serenade for the worthless,
The unspoken words of an god long forgoten....
These little truth we see here and there, everywhere....
  Painted on the wall with the blood of the innocent...
Writen in our flesh with inanity...
  Carved to wall with our nails...
Spoken outloud only when drugged or drunk,
  When the only g
:iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 1 6
Forgoten Prayers
When praying does no good and the walls come shatter,
  The ones to believe are the ones to shed the first crimson tear.
Abandoned by their god for sins they never commited,
  To the eternal torment of self-loathing it cast them in
Fram afar we hear their endless cries echoing within the darkness,
  For an eternity they will plead for an release from their prison, but no one hears anymore.
Alone they  are doomed to travel within the shadows of men who no longer remember,
  Forgoten with the bloody past, clinging to mere shreds of life as their crimson tears fall,
Falling for an eternity those diamonds of lore will paint the sky rosy red as an reminder...
The things that were forgoten, should not of been,
  The things now recalled and embraced should of vanished instead.
Lores of those who lost their hearts to the darkness,travel no more,
  Myths of heroic deeds done by an forgoten kind no longer remind the children
:iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 0 8
Bleeding Heart
Falling eternally within the dark no heart can withstand,
  Calling for an helping hand only to hear the echoes of my own cries
For an lifetime i shall decay within this prison of Blackened thorns of spite,
  Eternally will i cry these crimson tears and feed the hatered within my soul.
Calling for you to save me i lose my voice to the cold darkness of denied responce,
  Weeping forever within this pit of death and decay i cry for an lost emotion.
Ill never see him smile again, never will hear him laugh with me,
  Never will i see him cry...To hear these simple things i would trade my immmortal soul,
Cutting deeper than an razor blade is this emptyness i feel within my chest.
Fought for too long, gave it my all and yet....i lost all i held dear,
  Admitting defeat i watch myself withering away like an rose cought in winters cold grasp.
Only able to cry i watch him disappear into the horizon from whence he came long ago,
:iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 1 2
Laying or lying? by Azrael-kun Laying or lying? :iconazrael-kun:Azrael-kun 3 267


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Current Residence: my own frikkin home
Favourite genre of music: Gothic..instrumental
Favourite style of art: free hand
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: Philips GoGear
Shell of choice: under the covers >_>
Wallpaper of choice: Alucard,Shiva,Kain,Janos Audron,Vincent Valentine
Skin of choice: white
Favourite cartoon character: Hatake Kakashi,Orochimaru,Alucard,Vampire Hunter D,Meier...
Personal Quote: "I will not become a mere memory"-Sephiroth
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